The Golf Ball Finding Glasses.

Save time, money and lower your score with a pair of Ballhawks™

Special Blue Pigmented Glasses

The Ballhawks turn everything blue except your ball! White balls shine brightly and 'pop' out against the blue background. No batteries required. No UV torch needed. Just put on the glasses and start finding balls.

Watch The Video

The Ballhawks are a viral sensation with our videos being watched, liked and shared by over 30,000,000 people.

Faster. Better. Richer.

The Ballhawks help you find your ball faster on the fairway, rough and bunkers. Keeping your score down and saving you money.

Ballhawks™ Make The Perfect Gift

Shipped worldwide and delivered in beautiful packaging. The Ballhawks™ make the perfect gift for the golfer you know.


I played carden park this morning with the lads, these are absolutely amazing you should see how much they show up the ball in the rough.

– Carl Wilkinson

I have a pair and find loads of balls, I currently have 600+ balls, I'll never live that long!

– Chris Leishan

I bought these last month and it works like a champ! Since I received them, I haven't had to use them for myself-go figure...but last weekend they saved my foursome partners several lost balls!! They are all in the market for these and I highly recommend!!!

– Kimberly Rush

Tried this on Wednesday night. 30 balls in 20 mins! If the balls are there you will find them.

– Graham Brown

There's nobody more sceptical than me but I got mine today and found 3 balls without really trying too hard.

– John Tom

The golf all industry just put a hit out on the developer of these glasses!

– Jeff Hanneman